The CM of Karnataka recently inaugurated the earlier-proposed two-wheeler medical aid service. Now available across Bengaluru, a total of 30 Bajaj Avenger motorcycles are part of the ‘First Responder’ fleet, which will be responsible to provide medical aid urgently to those in need. This innovative solution is used around the globe to quickly provide medical aid, squeezing through traffic when four-wheeler vehicles cannot. A motorcycle-ambulance does however have its limitations, especially when it comes to transporting patients to the hospital. But getting immediate medical assistance can be helpful in many cases. Statistically, 21 of the ‘First Responder’ Avenger motorcycles will be stationed for duty in Bengaluru itself.

The other nine bikes will be distributed across the rest of Karnataka. U. T. Khader, minister for health and family welfare in Karnataka said, “The paramedic will reach the spot in ten minutes and give first aid and start resuscitation measures to save the victim till a four-wheeler ambulance arrives.” Professionals from the medical field will ride the motorcycles and the government will provide a four-wheeler vehicle, following the ‘First Responder’. So if you spot a white Avenger through your rear view mirror, and it seems to be hurry, do let it pass.